Moving out into the open becomes possible when our own individual driving force resonates with what creates meaning for our communities.

The path before us unfolds.

Set your own  goals – and orient yourself and your actions to the reality of your counterpart.

For me, these are fundamental principles for a lifetime of growth.



What brought you to this website? 

The following questions are meant to lead you quickly to the information you are  interested in at the moment.


-  What kind of proposals and interventions does synetz-changeprozesse
    offer to help me in my present situation?

-  What sets the people and the organisation
​   behind synetz-changeprozesse apart?

-  Who is Stephan Orths?

-  What is their approach to consulting?

-  Which values and principles serve as their guides?

-  What references can synetz-changeprozesse provide?

-  How can this website further enable me to wander through
    new thought-territory and to encounter stimulating input?

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