Large group facilitation

We facilitate workshops for large groups- from 25 up to 1000 persons. These workshops are always concieved as  interventions within a Change Process.

They provide an enormous oppurtunity for communicating and adapting transformational momentum with the entire company all at one time.

This kind of interactive event deepens relationships, and establishes a sense of identity and serves to orient the participants

It provides a platform allowing leaders high visibility in their role – if this is desired.  At the same time all participants  are encouraged to become actively involved.

In any case, large group events such as Future Conferences, Open-Space, World Cafe – and also our speciality: custom-designed, unique formats – are highlights in a company’s communication.

Our facilitation and our carefully customized settings are always designed to stimulate a respectful, confidence-building mutual interaction.

This results in the fostering of interconnected thinking and a high acceptance of mutually reached outcomes.